Desktop Software

Multi Operating Systems.

Desktop software signupOur desktop software is written in Java with wrappers to suite different operating systems, Windows, Apple Macintosh and Linux based systems. All that is needed is the Java runtime installed, usually already installed as standard but you can update or download here.

As a true rich client application you get the speed and power of the desktop experience connected to remote web services via SSL (TSL) connections (enterprise and mobile only) to keep your data secure and as a true program people cannot just stumble onto your web application.

 Complete Business Software.

The desktop software is written with almost everything you need to run your business whatever the size and is suitable for single or multi user business needs, staff can all be based in one location or spread over many locations including mobile by using XML web services, the same up to date data is available to office, home and mobile operatives instantly (enterprise and mobile only).

The desktop software covers the following standard features.

  • User set-up to allow various levels of access such as user, supervisor, manager or director levels.
  • Your company details for correspondence and invoices.
  • Client (CMS) features to keep you in contact with your clients.
  • Sales ledger processing support,history of purchases to assist remind your clients of there regular purchases.
  • Purchase ledger processing, with detailed history of where, when and who you purchased your raw materials from.
  • Nominal ledger processing, giving reports of where you are spending, how you can control your costs.
  • Stock control and supplier control including stock level re-order, usage giving you more control over when you need to spend on stock.
  • HR tools for employee control and management, attendance and time keeping, built in Bradford factor calculations of employee history and full records of promotions, pay changes, disciplinary event etc.
  • Mobile access (enterprise and mobile only) so mobile sales, engineers, technicians or anyone who needs access on the go can have instant access to update orders, issues, and can show GPS location, as well as date and time stamp.
  • Remote access (enterprise only) for your web site so your clients to collect invoices, statements, payment advices etc, saving you time and money on preparing and posting this paperwork to your clients, this can be added to any website whoever hosts it, but may mean you have to get your web site designer to add a simple html component.Desktop software about us
  • Data import, if you are already using an older system, or the costs are too expensive, you should be able to import your existing information using the import tools built into the software as long as you can provide a backup CSV file from your current software.

As you will appreciate we can only give a small overview of all the features, which is why we offer the one months trial before you pay, if you don’t like what the software does, don’t pay. You will always be paying after use, so no contract and you can cancel at any time, not many companies are that confidant in there products to offer this.

This software comes in three versions, below

BusAssistEnt Multi user version with remote managed database, with all of the features above including mobile access and remote client login to collect paperwork etc with as many users as you wish at no extra charge per user, both office and mobile.

BusAssistPro Multi user with a database on your local network, because of this we cannot offer mobile access to the data as this is located on your network.

BusAssistSU Single user package designed for the sole trader who only needs to keep information for accounts purpose, again this is a generated database on a single PC and under a single user profile so is not available to multi users or mobile access.

Would you like more information, please contact us.