Business Software For All.

Techniframe developers have been creating desktop and system control business software for more than 40 years, for many well known companies around the world. With the improvement in the reliability and speed of the internet, as well as the familiarity of web based applications, we can provide high quality, low cost business web based applications, mobile applications and desktop software for any businesses of any size and at an affordable low cost.

We also provide the back end databases (web based,enterprise and mobile only) to securely store your information and make it available to multiple users on different devices, so there is no need for IT consultants, or the need to purchase database software and licenses, we do it all for you including backups and secure connections.

You don’t have to be a multi national organisation to utilise the benefits of these tools.


Desktop Business Software.

Business Software

Web Based User Log-In Screen

Our desktop business software can be used anywhere on any almost any operating system, (Windows, Linux, Apple) as long as you have an internet connection and the Java Runtime installed, this is usually installed with the operating system, but please use the link to make sure you have the latest version.

The software is truly multi user, and available to your staff anywhere (enterprise and mobile only), from the place of work, away on business, home or even on holiday if need be, and can be run securely from a memory stick without installing any software or leaving any programs behind on the device, because it does not need to be installed on the device it can be removed quickly and securely by removing the memory stick.

Like our mobile applications, because the business software is only available from a unpublished link, and a true application running from your device, it will offer a greater level of security over the internet than a standard web application that can be found and hacked, connections are all via a secure SSL (TSL) connections so you can trust your data is secure at all times.

Our databases are securely located in high quality, highly secure data centres around the world (enterprise and mobile only) and have the level of security and protection for your data you would expect from a quality commercial organisation like Techniframe Ltd.

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Mobile Business Software.

Mobile Software

Mobile User Log-In

Our high quality mobile applications available as native apps for Android, IOS Windows or Blackberry devices, or we also provide HTML5 mobile web apps for those application that do not need the overhead of install.

These mobile applications are built to suit the business type and needs of that business sector and are not just a mobile version of your website, they are true active applications designed to assist your business in its day to day running.

All business software is purpose written for your chosen branch of industry and are true applications designed to assist you and your staff in running your business to its full potential.

All data to and from our remote database servers utilise high encryption SSL (TSL) connections making the information secure during its transit across the networks

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On Line Business Software.

thumbnailWith more and more exposure to internet driven software and software as a service Techniframe Ltd are making all our new software products to be available as web based applications giving a much wider device availability such as net-books, note-books, small laptops, retina tablets as well as the traditional desktop PC or Apple Mac etc.

Take the office with you and work from anywhere there is an internet connection, even the local coffee shop.

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Bespoke Business Software.

We realise that our standard products do not always meet the needs of individual companies and for this reason we can provide custom bespoke designed web based, desktop and mobile applications to your exact requirements and our realistic prices will amaze you, it will cost nothing to find out what we can offer, please feel free to contact us for an informal, no cost, no obligation discussion.

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Web Sites.

We can also provide custom web design at realistic costs using the latest web technologies like html5 and css3 giving a responsive web site which is usable on the widest range of devices, (desktop, mobile, tablet) automatically, and as standard not a hidden cost.

These sites come with access to the content so you can, if you wish, update these at any time, day or night without further cost for updates, although we are happy to do this for you as part of the package.

We can also offer hosting and support of your current website as long as you can get the source code from your current hosts.

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Business Photography

Professional Business Photography

To complement the web site service our professional talented photographer can create that special moment digitally captured for ever, weddings, anniversaries, christenings, fashion or just good quality images for any reason our photography services can help.

We have provided some recent samples of Francisco’s work on our photography service page. Please take a look and if you need this service please contact us and we will offer a no obligation quote for your needs.