Mobile Software

Any Device.

Our mobile software is designed to be available on any operating system, Android, IOS, Windows, Blackberry etc and any mobile device phone or tablet so whatever your preferred system or device you can get the correct version without problem.

Business mobile software.

mobile software

Bespoke Mobile Software

The mobile software is a cut down version of our desktop software and is designed to work with your staff while on the move, sales staff, engineers, technicians, sole traders who spend time on the road and works in conjunction with our desktop software.

As you will appreciate it is not intended to provide a full software package due to the size of keyboard and screen, but as a means to keep your central database via SSL(TSL) up to date while on the go. Changes you make here are instantly reflected in the office based desktop software, and visa-versa, updates at the home or office will be reflected in the mobile software, keeping everyone up to date.


Bespoke Mobile Software

Works on any mobile

  • Secure SSL(TSL) connection to central database.
  • Agent security level, sets the information the mobile agent can see or change.
  • Agent secure login, requires agents, or agent to log in before use to prevent unauthorised access to software.
  • Remote orders for sales staff, updates system with new orders for faster processing.
  • Time and date stamp of any transaction for reporting, useful to validate orders or mobile staff work patterns.
  • Geolocation along with time stamp to show location at time of submitting transaction.
  • Next job or changes to status to mobile operatives ensuring maximum utilisation, and reduced travel costs.
  • Client details available via mobile CRM, no need for notes, your client details are available when you need them, including notes and history.

As you will appreciate like our desktop software we can only give a small overview of all the features, this mobile software is intended to be used as an add-on to our business desktop software, so as per that page we offer a no commitment one month to try the various software features without paying anything.

Would you like more information, please contact us and we will try to answer any questions you may have.