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All our latest version and update software are all available from here, please choose the application and version that best suits your business type, device and operating system, if this is your first download you will need to registered or signup when you first use the application, for updates you can simply download the latest version and start using. You will only be able to use the software package you have purchased so please ensure you download the correct version and application.

For mobile applications you will need to ensure you can install from a third party location as these are specialised mobile native applications and not meant for general release via the App stores, this increases security and the problems this can cause, please check your phone security settings.

Please Note! Our mobile versions are a free add-on for the main desktop package, and are not intended as a stand alone application, and are no use without the appropriate desktop application.

  • Important ! By downloading or using this software you agree to our terms and conditions.
  • ******************************************************download
  • Java Runtime needed for all operating systems
  • For desktop software you will need the Java Run Time installed for your operations system, Windows, Mac or Linux, this is probably already installed but please check you have the latest version, for both increased security and functionality.
  • Java Run Time
  • ******************************************************
  • HRAssist_Pro Desktop versionhrassist-splash
  • HRAssistPro Windows
  • HRAssistPro MAC
  • HRAssistPro Linux
  • HRAssist_Pro Mobile version
  • HRAssistPro Windows
  • HRAssistPro Android
  • HRAssistPro IOS
  • ******************************************************Security Assistant Pro
  • Sec-Assist_Pro Desktop version
  • SecAssistPro Windows
  • SecAssistPro MAC
  • SecAssistPro LINUX
  • Sec-Assist_Pro Mobile Version
  • SecAssistMob Windows
  • SecAssistMob Android
  • SecAssistMob IOS (coming soon)
  • ******************************************************Time Keeper Pro
  • Time-Keeper-Pro Desktop version
  • TimeKeeperPro Windows
  • TimeKeeperPro MAC
  • TimeKeeperPro LINUX
  • Time-Keeper-Pro Mobile Version
  • TimeKeeperMob Windows
  • TimeKeeperMob Android
  • TimeKeeperMob IOS (coming soon)
  • *******************************************************Business Assistant Pro
  • Bus-Assist-Pro Desktop Version
  • BusAssistPro Windows
  • BusAssistPro MAC
  • BusAssistPro LINUX
  • Bus-Assist-Pro Mobile Version
  • BusAssistPro Windows
  • BusAssistPro Android
  • BusAssistPro IOS (coming soon)


If you have any problems with the download or set up of any of these products please contact us and we will do all we can to help.

Thank you for your interest in our products.
Techniframe Support Team